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Falling's just another way to fly.

╰♡ My name is Geoff and I'm gay. I find beauty in the world and see in shades of white. ♡╮

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What are your favorite songs bjork..I want to give her a listen but she has so many albums I do not know where to start

Oh gosh, I don’t even know where to start with this question. All of them are my favourite to be honest. My favourite album is Vespertine but not really any good “starter” songs on that album. The first two songs I heard by Björk were “All Is Full of Love” and “Army of Me”. My favourite songs would have to be “I Go Humble”, “Possibly Maybe” and “It’s In Our Hands” because of the electronic influence. She also has some amazing remixes like “Bachelorette (Mark Bell Blue Remix)” and “Hunter (Mood Swing Remix)”. Just to name a few. :)